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Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has been a significant part of the commitment to sustainable development of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. In 2001, with the implementation of our 'Responsible Business Policy' (RB), this commitment was again substantiated. For each hotel of the group, a special 'RB- Action Plan' has been developed as a guideline for social commitment, cultural heritage, rights of employees and children, health, security and responsibility for the environment.

Our hotels are linked to local charity organizations and to our international partner, the 'World Childhood Foundation.' The 'World Childhood Foundation' calls for the protection of children's rights and for the creation of better living conditions for children in need, all around the world.

Radisson Blu Senator Hotel

responsible business activities
Achievements in our hotel

Staff Members

  • Responsible Business training sessions for staff members
  • Security drills for staff members at regular intervals (first aid - use of defibrillator - fire protection - safety engineering)
  • Outstanding achievement in Vocational Training
  • Special reward for 'Team Member of the Month'


Responsible Business is not only related to the protection of the environment. The concept also includes the social and economic context of the community.

  • In cooperation with the German Red Cross we have implemented Blood Donor Days
  • Fund raising campaigns for charity
  • Cultural and social involvement in the Lübeck area


  • Effective waste separation system (glass, paper, plastic, metal, food reprocessing, cartridges, batteries)
  • Responsible use of energy
  • Hotel keycard switches in our rooms
  • Advanced energy saving lighting technology
  • water saving tap aerators in all wet-room areas
  • photoelectric lighting controller for outdoor lighting
  • use of eco-friendly cleaning products
  • "Green Key" certification


Dear guests,

We are very pleased to announce that we have opened our new hotel lobby.

We wish all our guests a pleasant stay.

Your Radisson Blu Senator Hotel Team